Transparency is essential to us at Partnered Distribution. We send every tincture, edible and topical we make to a trusted third-party lab to ensure the legality and quality of our products.
Once we've received these test results, we upload them to our website so our customers have access to them. Wondering how to find the results for your product? It's easy!
We include a lot number on each product, usually located on the bottom of the container. We also include a "best-by" date beneath each lot number, but for test purposes, only the lot number matters. Simply find the lot number on your product on our website and click the hyperlink to view the results. We've even separated the products by type to make them easier to find!



Partnered Process's CBD extracts are non-GMO and made from high-quality hemp plants. Third-party lab testing provides transparent results that prove the purity and potency of our products, including many that are certified organic. Our CBD products are produced to support the endocannabinoid system and to help bring balance to your body and mind. Get in touch with Partnered Process with any questions about our many industry certifications.


Partnered Process/Partnered Proof products 


Partnered Proof - Full Spectrum Oil 2500mg

LOT: OT12322

CBD2 w/ Vitamin D – Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg

Partnered Proof - Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg

LOT: OT12322-2

Partnered Pet - Full Spectrum 250mg & 750mg

LOT: OT31922-1

Mint - Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg

LOT: OT32722-1

Orange Dream - Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg

LOT: OT08022-1OD1


Partnered Mints

LOT: 5003-210608

Sweet Tooth - Full Spectrum Gummies 480mg (20)

LOT: E31822-1

CBD Gummies for the Week THC FREE

LOT: E31822-1


Partners Relief - Muscle Rub 300mg

LOT: L30722-11

Partners - Daily Moisturizing Lotion 1200mg (Unscented)

LOT: 230104002

Partners - Daily Moisturizing Lotion 1200mg (Citrus)

LOT: L24422-1

Partners - Daily Moisturizing Lotion 1200mg (Oatmeal Honey)

LOT: L24422-2



Partnered Reserve Products 


Partnered Reserve Sleep Tincture 

LOT: T32522-1

Partnered Reserve Energy Tincture 

LOT: T32522-2

Partnered Reserve Relief Tincture 

LOT: T32022-1/M

Partnered Reserve Focus Tincture 

LOT: T32522-3


Partnered Reserve Sleep Gummies

LOT: 230206002

Partnered Reserve Energy Gummies

Partnered Reserve Relief Gummies

LOT: E32622-6

Partnered Reserve Focus Gummies

LOT: E32622-7

Partnered Reserve Good Time Gummies 



CBD Drops

CBG Drops

CBN Drops


Compliant Products

Compliant Products - 10mg D9 THC

LOT: 230321002

Compliant Products - 5.6mg D9 THC

LOT: 230207002


Additional products 

40mg D9 Venom Shots

LOT: 230427007

THCa Diamonds

THCa Ice Rocks

BUDD CBD Gummy Bears 500mg

BUDD CBD Gummy Dream Drops 500mg

BUDD Mushroom Gut Support CBD Tincture 500mg

BUDD Mushroom Life Support CBD Tincture 500mg

BUDD Mushroom Lung Detox CBD Tincture 500mg